Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The support of heroes...

I'm returning to the blog this week with a bang... I have some VERY exciting news!  After hearing a bit about my story, and the journey that I'm embarking on, Myles Chase of MC Cycle and Sport - the Official Bike Shop of the Timberman Ironman Race - will be outfitting me with gear for my race! 

Not only is Myles an amazing athlete, an industry professional, and a great guy - last year, Myles ran a Triple Marathon... 78.6 miles around Lake Winnipesaukee to raise money for the WLNH Children's Auction last December!  That's three consecutive marathons in 24 hours!  (Here's the pic from his arrival at the Auction at the finish.)  I am over the moon to have his support, and "thank yous" alone cannot express my gratitude to Myles and his team.  They are THE BEST at what they do.  He even chuckles and laughs with me when I ask him what the different gear is for ("what's a race belt?" , "What's the difference between bike shorts and tri shorts?").  I gave him my rookie disclaimer, that I have no experience in this, and I feel so assured that I'm in good hands.  He'll probably tell me things I wouldn't even know to ask!  He fitted me for a bike recently, and we're waiting for it to arrive... perhaps tomorrow will be the day?

If that were not fortunate enough, I have the support of another person that I'd like to mention, as well.  As a hero to the WLNH Children's Auction in many years past, Mike "Mad Dog" Gallagher has undertaken some lofty - even crazy - ventures!  In 2007, “Mad Dog” and fellow athlete John "Blue Dog" Jurczynski, rode more than 113 hours on stationary cycles to become world record holders, raising money for the WLNH Children’s Auction. Inspired by them, over 600 other riders joined in 18 teams to help raise money, while the two “Dogs” pedaled the equivalent of 1,400 miles, roughly from their location in Laconia New Hampshire to Disney in Florida. The monumentous endeavor raised awareness like never before, and presented the WLNH Children’s Auction with an amazing $34,000 contribution, thanks to their efforts. In 2008, “Mad Dog” and the team at LASC raised the roof with a new venture for the WLNH Children’s Auction, called “Fitness Mania”. [Participants could choose which activity your team would like to do: cycling, walking/running, elliptical machines, rowers or lap swimming.]  Mike “Mad Dog” Gallagher, camped out on the roof of the health club for 72 hours, weathering a BIG New England Ice Storm, equipped with a tent, pulley, rope and bucket. (Really, here's a pic!)  As a fitness instructor, outdoor enthusiast and trained ice climber, “Mad Dog” insisted, “they need our help”. I remember bringing him a hot lunch several times, and raising it up it the bucket and pulley, while his smile never dimmed.

Now, I often see Mike when I go to the gym nearly every day, and he's always encouraging.  I feel his support every time he nods hello, even if he's talking with someone else, and I feel that he's even grown to be a friend.  I learned this week that Mike "Mad Dog" Gallagher has it on his calendar to volunteer to help in MY effort at the Timberman Race this year.  How fortunate am I, to have such amazing company?  Here are two ATHLETES, with huge hearts, raising ME up and cheering ME on.  How lucky am I?

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