Sunday, June 5, 2011

A new bike, and how I learned about bike shorts

Thanks to MC Cycle and Sport of Laconia, I am now outfitted with a beautiful new ride! Myles and his team at the Shop are AMAZING. Absolute PROS, and I cannot speak highly enough of them! is their website... see them for whatever gear you need! Here's a pic of my fab new Felt Z100!!

So, now that I have the bike and had it fitted, I was ready to take it home.  But, then we realized that the bike rack I have (which was recently given to me) is missing a strap.  There was no way I'd put this bike on anything shaky, so I decided to go get changed, get a ride back to MC Cycle and ride it back to my office!  It was a good day for its inaugural ride, after all!  So, I changed into my workout gear and went back to get my sweet new ride (SO happy).  Now, here comes the point where I should have taken some good advice.  See, I haven't worn shorts in literally four years (at least) due to the fact that I'm not happy with my weight.  So, I wasn't in any rush to get bike shorts on if I wasn't doing a lot of riding, which I wasn't going to be this day.  So I didn't know the reasons people wear bike shorts.  Getting used to the bike was fairly easy once I got on the road.  I loved the ride, although the trip back to my office is up a good hill, so I was pretty tired and happy when I finished the 2-mile ride.  After work, I had "Brick Training", where we practice the transition point between the swim, the biking, and the run, where you have to get into shoes (from swimming), get gear on, hop on the bike and go your distance, hop off, run your bike to your transition point, change your shoes, take off helmet, etc and start your run.  It takes practice, as I learned, and everyone has their own system.  SO, the first trip around, I'm doing great, loving the ride of the new bike... see the dismount coming up... hop off the bike, and - BAM.  My cotton shorts caught the handle bars, and I go down, feeling like slow motion, until my face finally grinds the pavement.  Bike shorts.  Oh, I see now, I thought to myself, as I peeled myself off the pavement, laughing.  The trainer comes over, concerned, asking if I'm okay.  Yeah, of course, just a little scraped up, and not my most graceful moment ever, still laughing as I finished running the bike to transition point.  This is my learning curve... hahaha.

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